Whose Dog Are You? – A Pawsome Tale of Antique Dog Collars and Canine

In a heartwarming celebration of our furry friends, their iconic collars, and the artistry that binds them, the newly released book, Whose Dog Are You? Antique Dog Collars, Canes, and Collectibles,” penned by esteemed decoy …

Whose Dog Are You

In a heartwarming celebration of our furry friends, their iconic collars, and the artistry that binds them, the newly released book, Whose Dog Are You? Antique Dog Collars, Canes, and Collectibles,” penned by esteemed decoy collector Ron Gard, is set to redefine the literary landscape. 

This ground-breaking piece is a collaboration between Gard and his daughter, Christie, and is destined to become a timeless treasure for dog lovers and collectors alike.

Unveiling the Canine Chronicles

Gard, renowned worldwide for his expertise in decoy collecting and the proud owner of the Prairie Rose Ranch in East Texas, has stepped into uncharted territory with this publication. 

The book, released just in time for the festive season, takes readers on a visually captivating journey through the ages, exploring antique dog collars and a myriad of collectibles that pay homage to our four-legged companions.

Behind the Lens

Jeff Moore, a professional photographer from Livingston, Montana, created the enchanting images in the book. The photographs, which feature a diverse range of dog breeds wearing these unique collars, evoke a sense of pride and individuality among the canine models. Lady, Gard’s own dog, graces the cover, adding a personal touch to the story.

A Dog’s Tale

Gard fondly recalls his first dog named Lady at the tender age of 3, creating a sentimental connection to the project. 

The photo shoots, conducted predominantly in Gard’s Dallas living room, showcase 16-20 different breeds. 

Despite some challenges in locating specific breeds, such as the mastiff, Gard’s determination to capture a diverse representation prevails, resulting in a delightful and eclectic collection.

Canine Couture and Collectibles

Gard’s profound love for dogs and his extensive collection of collars spanning ancient to modern times are explored in Whose Dog Are You? The 259-page coffee table book, which measures 10.75(w) x 11.75(h) x 1.31(d), is not only ready for display but also provides an immersive experience thanks to its heavy, thick pages and high-quality images.

Within its pages, readers are treated to surprises and captivating tales, including the acquisition of the most expensive collar—a sterling silver masterpiece from 1691, procured at a London auction for $3,000. 

Metal collars adorned with leather liners take center stage, alongside knives and walking canes intricately engraved or carved with charming dog motifs.

A Literary Legacy

With three prior books on American folk art and antique decoys, Gard has cemented his status as a prolific author. His dedication extends beyond literary pursuits; as a founding director of the Dallas Chapter of the Gulf Coast Conservation Association and the recipient of the 2019 Conservation Sportsman of the Year award, Gard’s impact on conservation is immeasurable.

“Whose Dog Are You?” is priced at $85, with the printing limited to 1,000 signed and numbered copies. 

Gard will share insights and anecdotes about the book at Interabang Books in Dallas on Saturday, November 18, at 2 p.m., where enthusiasts can grab their signed copies.

Paws for a Cause – New Day Dog Collar

In conjunction with the publication of the book, dog owners can extend the celebrations to their canine companions by purchasing the New Day Dog Collar. This collar, designed by Anishinaabe-Ojibwe artist Sarah Agaton Howes, adds authentic Native style to our four-legged friends. 

Inspired by traditional Ojibwe loom designs with a modern twist, the collar is available in various sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for every pet.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

  • Pawsitively Perfect: “A beautifully curated journey into the world of dogs and their collars. Gard’s book is a must-have for any dog lover and collector.” – Reviewer, CanineChronicles.com
  • Artistry Unleashed: “The New Day Dog Collar is a masterpiece! Our pup not only looks stylish but also represents the rich tradition of Native art.” – HappyPetOwner23, Amazon


Where can I purchase “Whose Dog Are You?”

A: The book is available for purchase at Interabang Books in Dallas, and online through various retailers.

Is the New Day Dog Collar suitable for all dog sizes?

Yes, the collar comes in three sizes: Large, Medium, and Small, ensuring a comfortable fit for a wide range of breeds.

Finally, Whose Dog Are You? and the New Day Dog Collar weave a narrative of love, tradition, and style for literary and pet enthusiasts alike. Gard’s artistic exploration and dedication to conservation distinguish this release in the world of canine literature and fashion.

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